This website is to celebrate and present some of the life work of Bob Dylan. If you’ve come here looking for Bob Dylan’s official website, you’ve come to the wrong place. His EXCELLENT site is at, highly recommended for every Dylan fan. Of course most of his fans already know about his site and have used it many times.

The image at the top was taken by Heinrich Klaffs at the first show of the 1984 European tour at Arena di Verona in Verona, Italy on May 28, 1984. Fortunately the photographer posted it with a license that allowed us to use the image as well. The only change we made was to resize it to fit in the space provided. I think it’s one of the most dramatic images I’ve ever seen of Dylan in performance. The photographer had labeled the picture as “Bob Dylan und Santana Live in der Arena von Verona. Mai 1984,” so the other person on the right side is likely Carlos Santana who performed with Bob on the last two songs of the show, Blowin’ In The Wind and Tombstone Blues.

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